UK Swiss Luxury Fake Omega Speedmaster World Cup Semi-Final 1: Snoopy 2015

By | December 5, 2020

In the Semi-Final 1, we will see a battle between the reporter and adventurer Tintin and NASA’s watchdog fake Omega Speedmaster Snoopy. Both cartoon characters, but with the difference that one didn’t make it on the watch due to a tough crowd that watches over Hergé’s heritage and one that did make it to the watch, Snoopy. In the latter case, the cartoonist Charles M. Schulz that came up with Snoopy was a big supporter of NASA’s race for the Moon. He officially let NASA use Snoopy from Apollo 10 onwards.

Speedmaster Snoopy 2015
I have said a lot of things that needed to be said about this watch in the first two rounds. Let’s not look back too much on the fights it had to put up (and won them without proper resistance). In these semi-finals, things will get tougher on this dog. I also assume that in the end, it is not about the things we say to convince you, but the Speedmaster itself. The black bezel replica Omega Speedmaster Snoopy from 2015 has become a bit of a grail to many Speedmaster collectors out there. Even in our team, I was the only one able to secure one back in 2015. So now, we find the Silver Snoopy Award taking it up to the Tintin from Mike’s group.
I happen to own both vintage watches, I actually happen to own all of the watches that made it to this round. It is not meant to be snobbish in any way, I just collect Speedmasters and I love all watches in this Semi-Finals group. What I am trying to say is: it does give me the advantage to tell you about these watches from an owner’s experience.

And I am not going to lie to you: I never wear my Tintin. It is an interesting watch, of course. A bit of a failure, you could say, and that combined with the fact that this watch only got demand after its discontinuation does give it some “street cred”.
Forlorn and forgotten
I bought mine in 2017 when I was in Japan, it just sat on this display at BIC Camera. A chain of stores in Japan where they sell everything from toothbrushes to golf clubs to cameras and — indeed — watches. After showing my EU passport, I even got an additional 5% discount on the staggering price of €2,350. I thought I would love it, but I don’t. I don’t hate it, and it deserves its place in a cheap copy Omega Speedmaster collection, but I am simply amazed it won over the Alaska Project watch. It makes no sense. Anyway, to others – like Mike – the Snoopy 2015 doesn’t make any sense. Especially if you have nothing going on for a comic character on a dial. But let’s talk about the Snoopy for a moment.
What sets the Snoopy watch apart in my book compared to (most) other limiteds, are two things: 1) the case back is hand-made: a silver lapel pin on a blue enamel background with silver powder. Making each of them unique. And 2) It was the first limited edition Swiss fake Omega Speedmaster that was so incredibly detailed in its execution.

Whether you like to have a comic character on your watch or not, there’s little denial that Omega did an excellent job here. It sold out even quicker than Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday watch. Of course, in the end, that is not very relevant as you just want to wear the watch. I am not particularly a fan of Snoopy itself, although I love comic books, Snoopy never had my interest. What I do like, is the connection between Snoopy and NASA.
The talisman
By the time the Apollo 10 mission rolled around, Snoopy was already the talisman of the crew. Later on, Snoopy was used for the award certificate (together with a (flown) Snoopy lapel pin) for NASA’s staff and contractors who did something extraordinary. And I don’t have to tell you (again) what the Omega Speedmaster replica with black textile strap did for the Apollo 13 crew in 1970 (it can be read here if you’re not familiar with the story).
Sometimes I see people (including my colleague Mike) complaining about a comic character on a dial. “It is childish“, they say. And then quickly refer to their academic title or grown-up job at some boring 9-5 job where they have to drink awful coffee. Dude, nobody there cares about the watch you are wearing. Have some fun! A fun watch like this Snoopy from 2015 (or even the Snoopy 50th anniversary model with the automaton on the case back) will compensate for cooping with Excel sheets, bad coffee, stories during lunchtime about IKEA visits on Sunday, etc.

Trust me, I had a normal job once too. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and if you’re afraid that a little — almost invisible from today’s mandatory physical distance — dog on subdial will make you look bad in front of colleagues or clients, there’s probably something to work on when it comes to self-confidence.

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