Few Questions About Why Buying Rolex Sea-Dweller ref. 126600 Fake Watches UK

By | November 8, 2017

When did you first see the 2017 Sea-Dweller in the metal?

I first saw it in Sydney on the wrist of a friend. It looked average. I though it was just a bigger Submariner. But when we went out of the restaurant and the sun hit it, I noticed the dial.

What about the dial surprised you?

Not just the red line of text, which is most obvious, but it was the matt, almost tropical dial. It’s apparently technically a gloss dial, but if you look at it in contrast to my Patek Pilot’s dial, it’s the same finish. It’s not glossy at all. When the sun hits it, it looks grey, not 100% black. Eventually it will look tropical, it’s amazing. The ceramic bezel, it is what it is, it doesn’t change too much, but this dial is one of the best dials on a modern Rolex in a very long time. In the summer in Sydney, when I walk on the street and check the dial in the sunshine, it makes my day. In my opinion, the best possible Rolex replica watches UK are modern watch with a bit of a vintage dial. If you check it indoors it looks glossy, but it’s not, that’s just the sapphire glass.

Rolex black dial replica watches UK.

How did you rate the feeling on the wrist?

They really nailed the job there. It sits pretty well on the wrist … actually it’s perfect. I wear it every day. The DSSD is always tipping off your wrist because it’s 44mm and quite high. This slightly smaller size makes it sit perfectly. But it actually wears smaller than 43mm. The whole watch looks like 42mm because of the ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel is shiny and the dial is matt, so when you look at the watch it looks smaller. If everything is shiny, it looks larger, like on the Batman.

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