Best Replica Rolex Datejust Series 36mm Diameter Watches For UK Sale

By | August 10, 2016

Today’s review of the classic Rolex Datejust is a little different to the usual. While we generally spend a week or so with the watches we review, Mr Bruce Duguay has been wearing his Datejust for the past two years. Here, he shares the sort of insights that only come over time. It’s a great companion piece to Bruce’s excellent review of the Rolex GMT II BLNR. It should also be noted that the watch pictured isn’t Bruce’s actual timepiece, but rather an earlier Reference 16200 with a different dial and bracelet to Bruce’s watch. With those minor admin points out of the way, read on to find out why the Rolex Datejust series best replica watches are such a classic.


Rolex replica datejust watches UK.

One fateful day after deciding it was finally time to get Rolex Submariner cheap fake watches, I walked into my local Rolex boutique and proceeded to try on the “wrong” watch. The only reason I even agreed to try on the Datejust was because I’d convinced myself it was the right thing to do. I would try on a few models, then do what most 30-something reasonably successful men do, and buy a black dial Submariner. The Datejust was supposed to feel like a watch my father should wear, correct?
The model I tried was a reference 116200, 36mm in stainless steel with a smooth bezel. It had a white dial with roman numerals including IIII for the number “4” which I thought odd at the time, only later discovering the magical balance of the clockmaker’s four. The theme of discovery that showed me the depth and versatility of the Datejust model has continued for the past two years, and I’m thrilled to be allowed to share my observations on the design and my experiences with this timeless timepiece.


Stainless steel Rolex fake watches UK.

There I said it. The 36mm Datejust Rolex replica watches UK are technically a midsize model, however in today’s world of large and complex men’s watches, the Datejust literally doesn’t measure up. I have a 40mm Rolex GMT Master II in my regular rotation which some would also consider small next to the pie-platter fashion watches available. Herein lies the Rolex difference. To say the Datejust punches well above its weight would be as accurate as its COSC certification. When handled, the watch feels substantial and solid. It wears proudly on due to the thickness of the Oyster case and raised crystal. Even the cyclops date magnifier lends to the vertical power of the Datejust. When combined with either the sporty Oyster or classic Jubilee bracelets, the watch exudes its own confidence and pedigree. It simply doesn’t need to be any larger than 36mm.

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