1956 UK Swiss Fake Omega Constellation Ref. 2852SC / 2853SC In 14k Yellow Gold

By | May 13, 2021

Omega replica is one of few brands that cover the breadth and depth of all areas of watchmaking with truly iconic models to show for it, from professional tool watches (Speedmasters and Seamasters) and to black-tie dress watches (Constellations). Vintage Omegas, in my opinion, are some of the most diverse and well-crafted pieces overall, and the value these luxury replica watches UK provide is incredible.

When you ask someone to think of a classic gold vintage dress watch, I think most people would imagine a watch like this 14k gold case fake Omega Constellation. The Constellation line has been one of the longest-running watch collections since 1952 and has been produced with a myriad of variations when it comes to case shapes, dial configurations, and bracelet designs. The aesthetics of these Constellations are elegant and, on the inside, fitted with Chronometer Certified movements as noted on the dial and also on the caseback with the Observatory Logo and stars.
While a gold dress watch can feel a bit much at times, especially if you’re not used to wearing any colored metal, this luxury copy Omega Constellation in 14k gold has a lighter pale-gold color that makes it less intimidating on the wrist, even with a full gold bracelet. As an all-gold watch, there’s just enough weight while still being light enough for comfortable wear. Plus, this example is fitted with the much-loved “pie-pan” dial and the crosshair motif. My favorite part is the subtly applied Omega symbol at 12 just like the “Pre-moon” Speedmasters. It’s that little detail that makes all the difference in the overall appearance.

The matching gold bracelet is also something to highlight here. Oftentimes, even when the case and dial look gorgeous together with great proportions, the bracelet design is clearly an afterthought. In keeping with Omega’s commitment to producing quality products, the bracelet here is well-conceived and executed. The beads-of-rice style allows for a smooth feel, and the links lay perfectly flat and contour around your wrist wonderfully. This is when you know a watch was made by a proper watchmaker;the Swiss movement copy Omega not only looks great and runs accurately but also feels comfortable on your wrist. Get all the details and info in our shop now.

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